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Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Essentials | 1Z0-599




Oracle CertificationCertification Course


Freshers and Career Changers


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Duration :

Fast Track and Regular 60 Days

Oracle Certification What will you learn?

•Learn how to code in Oracle Certification .
•Learn how to perform cross-validation in Oracle Certification .
•Become a professional Oracle Certification Engineer by learning Oracle Certification Different tips on how to handle the Oracle Certification interviews.
•The Concepts Of Oracle Certification Language From Basic To advance
•Learn all important topics of Oracle Certification by practical examples
•Learn the fundamentals of Oracle Certification and get trained on analyzing data
•In This Course u Will Learn How To Develop Apps using Oracle Certification
•This course is designed for any graduates as well as Software Professionals who are willing to learn Oracle Certification .

Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Essentials | 1Z0-599 Course Features

•Free Aptitude classes & Mock interviews
•Exercises and handouts after every session
• Helps you stand out in a competitive market
•Classes are Accessible on Website and Mobile Apps
•Assignments and test to ensure concept absorption.
•Project manager can be assigned to track candidates’ performance
•Every class will be followed by practical assignments which aggregates to minimum 60 hours.
•Lifetime access to our 24×7 online support team who will resolve all your technical queries, through ticket based tracking system.

Who are eligible for Oracle Certification

•.net Developer, Business Analysis, Software Testing, Software Development, Linux Administration, java, Automation Testing, hybris, qtp, lamp, css, xml, manual
•Data Analysis, Data Management, Data Mining, Specification Writing, Software Developer, DBA Consultant, Content Writer, .PHP, .NET, Developer, Network
•Javascript, Node.Js, Algorithms, Web Technologies, Web Server, Cloud Computing, HP Data Protector, Technical Skills, Problem Solving
•React.js, core, .net Core, React Native, Front End Developers, .Net Developers, .Net Tech Leads
•Software Engineer, Business Operational Analyst, Project Manager, Software Test Engineer, Android Developers, HTML5 Developers, IT Help Desk, IT Freshers


Course in Pre-Launch Mode,Total number of question will be around 90+. Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Essentials | 1Z0-599 Test series 1Z0-599 practice test This course contain 2 Practice test for Oracle Certification exam 1Z0-599 for Oracle WebLogic Server. It cover 100% of Oracle exam 1Z0-599 certification syllabus. You can find questions more on practical side,they will help you to solve your real time problems. Exam Topics Cloud Application Foundation (CAF) Fundamentals Describe Cloud Application Foundation concepts Identify components of WebLogic Suite Identify differences between WebLogic Server (WLS) SE, EE & Suite Describe the problem domain of Coherence with WLS Describe Oracle Cloud Computing business drivers Describe Virtual Assembly Builder Studio features Describe supported and custom Appliances for Virtual Assemblies Describe ActiveCache (WLS and Coherence) Deploy Java Enterprise Edition (EE) Applications Describe Java EE 6 and Developer Productivity features Describe Java Integrated Development Environments (IDE) support Describe Maven integration features Describe Java SE packaging Describe the structure and parts of a Java web application Describe the structure and parts of a Java enterprise application Deploy Java EE applications to WLS Deploy Java EE applications using a Deployment Plan Deploy WLS shared libraries and associate them with applications Deploy applications using the WLS Administration Port and Side by Side Deployment Use the Continuous Integration (CI) and Build Tools that WLS supports (ANT, Maven, etc.) Enable and use WLS Fast Swap for Rapid Redeployment Troubleshoot classloading conflicts with the ClassLoader Analysis Tool Describe WLS Spring Support and how Spring can utilize WLS features Secure Java EE applications WebLogic Server Advanced Topics Describe the value that WLS offers above an EE container Describe JDBC Describe WLS Distributed JMS Describe WLS Clustering Use Scripting with WLS Use Automation options for WLS Describe Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) & Web Services Standards supported by WLS Describe Web Session and XA Affinity features of Active GridLink Configure WLS to store Transaction Logs in a Database Configure systems for High Availability Configure and use advanced JMS features: Store and Forward Configure and use advanced JMS features: Unit of Order (UOO) and Unit of Work (UOW) Configure and use TopLink Grid – Java Persistence API (JPA) and Coherence Configure systems for ease of Disaster Recovery Configure and use ActiveCache (WLS and Coherence) Implement High Availablity (HA) in WLS with Service and Server Migration WebLogic Server Implementation Best Practices Create WLS system design consderations Create a WLS Domain using best practices Configure a WLS Cluster and Managed Servers using best practices Configure the JVM where WLS runs using best practices Configure JDBC Connection Pools using best practices Configure JMS using best practices Use Work Managers using best practices Install with Node Manager using best practices Integrate Enterprise Manager and WebLogic Server Integrate Enterprise Manager with WLS Explain how to position WebLogic Management Pack EE Describe Real Operation Automation Describe Real Operation Insight Use Enterprise Manager Lifecycle Management for WLS Describe Enterprise Manager Real User Experience Insight Describe Enterprise Manager Business Transaction Management for WLS Describe Enterprise Manager Configuration Management for WLS WebLogic Server Fundamentals Describe the different WLS distributions that are available Describe Enterprise Grid Messaging Describe Active GridLink for Real Application Cluster (RAC) features Explain WLS Domain concepts Install WLS Create and use WLS Domain Templates Automate WLS administration tasks with WebLogic Scriptiong Tool (WLST) Secure WLS resources and applications Configure and use WLS Work Managers, Contexts and Constraints Create and target JDBC Connection Pools Create and target JMS Distributed Queues Create and target JMS Distributed Topics Configure and use WebLogic Diagnostic Framework (WLDF) Configure and use JRockit Flight Recorder and WLDF integration Tune the Application Server Environment including the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for performance Troubleshoot and debug WLS using logs and thread dumps WebLogic Server Management Use JRockit Mission Control to monitor WLS at runtime Use JRockit Mission Control to view JRockit Flight Recorder and WLDF data Monitoring and diagnose WLS for best performance Use the WLS Admin Console to manage WLS Start and stop WLS instances using the Node Manager WebLogic Server System Architecture Design a scaled-out solution with WLS Architect a highly available WLS system Use proxy web server Use load balancer Design a WLS system for maximum uptime, availability and business continuity WebLogic Server Patching and Upgrading with SmartUpdate Describe how patches are applied to WLS Apply a rolling patch strategy to a WLS Cluster to ensure maximum availability Upgrade from WLS 10.3.3 to newer versions Upgrade from Oracle Application Server (OC4J/OAS) to WLS Describe Oracle offerings for upgrading from non-Oracle platforms to WLS Exam Details Duration: 120 minutes Number of Questions: 78 Passing Score: 63%

Eligiblity for Certification :

Any one who want to write 1Z0-599 examOracle Professionals