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Getting Started With Vuejs For Development




Vue JS Professional Course


Job Aspirants


Online and Offline Classes


Week Days and Week Ends

Duration :

Fast Track and Regular 60 Days

Vue JS Objectives

•Learn everything about {Coursetopics} in Vue JS.
•You will learn how to install Vue JS.
•You will know how to work with Vue JS.
•How to write Vue JS from scratch (no experience required!)
•From A-Z: The Complete Beginners-Advanced Masterclass – Learn Vue JS
•Vue JS – Learn how to set up your Vue JS script.
•Get straight to the point! Learn the basics of Vue JS
•Learn Vue JS – A super fun way to improve your programming skills
•Learn the absolute basics about Vue JS from scratch and take your skills to another level

getting started with vuejs for development Course Features

•We are Known for High-Quality Training
•Certificate after completion of the course
• Helps you stand out in a competitive market
•Immersive hands-on training on Python Programming
•Assignments and test to ensure concept absorption.
•We also provide Cost Effective and Flexible Payment Schemes
•Our trainers have experience in training End Users & Students & Corporate employees.
•We do Schedule the sessions based upon your comfort by our Highly Qualified Trainers and Real time Experts

Who are eligible for Vue JS

•.Net,, C#, Angular, React, .Net Developer, Ui, Ui Development, Single Page Application, Sql, Product Development
•Java Developer, .net sqlserver, oracle, mainframe cobol cics db2 jcl, banking financial services, telecom, ccna ccnp networking mcse, W2
•Java, J2ee, Spring, Hibernate, Microservices, Node.js, Angularjs, Servlets, Sql, Cloud, Python, Ui, Ux, .Net,, Peoplesoft, Devops, Php, Javascript
•Python, Django, Automation Testing, Cloud Computing, Aws, Java, J2ee, Web Services, Soap, Rest
•Web developers – Database application developers and Embedded Application developers, Web Applications HTML – CSS – JavaScript – JQuery – API


Getting Started
•Building your first application
•Vue offline setup
•Events 1
•Events 2
•Data binding
•Render HTML
•Render image from vue
•keyboard events and method event handler
•Advance keyboard events and passing data to methods
•Binding to CSS classes
•Binding to CSS properties
•Conditional binding and listing
•Render element using condition
•Render element using different types of conditions
•Render element on load
•Looping at n number of times
•Iterating through arrays
•Using v-for and v-if together
•Making changes to array
•Using sort function
•Using reverse function
•Pushing and popping array items
•using shift and unshift functions
•Splicing an array
•Binding with forms
•Understand why to use object property and binding to text fields
•Binding to textarea
•Binding to static dropdownlists
•Binding to dynamic dropdownlists
•Binding to multi-select box
•Binding to single checkbox
•Binding to multiple checkboxes
•Binding to radio buttons
•Binding value lazily
•Using the trim modifier
•Defining events listener
•Passing parameters
•Preventing Default Event Handling
•Understanding event propagation
•Using prevent and stop modifier
•Using the once modifier
•Using capture modifier
•Using the self modifier
•Detecting Keyboard Input
•Responding to Specific Keys
•Creating key modifiers
•Reacting to mouse buttons
•Instance procedure
•Instance life cycle and hooks
•beforeMount and Mounted
•beforeUpdate and Updated
•First project – Broken bottle game
•Files and resources required to developed our game
•Create game design elements
•Style up game elements
•Game counter – Start the game
•Smashing the bottle’s health
•Health recovery
•Smash bottle when you win
•Restart game
•Vue CLI
•Installing node.js for NPM
•Installing vue-cli
•Installing webpack
•Vue files and default components
•Repositioning project
•Set IDE javascript language version to ES6
•ES20xx transpiler
•Single file component
•Child component
•Further heads-up on child component
•Improving components folder structures
•Pass properties to child components
•Named slot
•Scoped slots
•Installing and Setting up router
•Loading routes
•Switching from hash mode to history mode
•Navigating with router-link
•Advance – router-link elements and styling
•Redirect and new component
•Redirecting – Method 2
•Setting up product component 1
•Setting up product component 2
•Setting up route parameters
•Fetching route parameters
•Route name
•Wildcard route
•Nested Route
•Monitor changes in route and update component
•Controlling scroll behaviour
•Lazy loading
•Dependable lazy loading
•HTTP server
•Why Axious and not vue-resource
•Setting up axios
•Making your first request
•Setting up firebase server
•Posting data to server
•Receiving data from server
•Update static list to dynamic list
•Retrieving one record from the server
•Show server response error
•Intercept HTTP requests
•Data changes
•Monitoring data
•Updating HTTP request with watcher
•Defining watchers behaviour
•Defining watchers depth
•Computed properties
•Using computed property
•Using computed property as accessors
•Data Filter
•Formatting data
•Defining and calling filters
•Local filters
•Global filters
•Additional arguments
•Chaining filters