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Devops Cicd Overview For Professionals And Teams




Devops Professional Institute


Lateral Entry Professionals and Freshers


Online and Classroom Sessions


Week Days and Week Ends

Duration :

45 Days

Devops What will you learn?

•Learn to write DevopsFunctions.
•You will learn how to install Devops.
•Learn how to use conditional statements in Devops.
•Learn how to structure a large-scale project using Devops.
•Learn from scratch how to execute code with Devops
•Learn Devops from Scratch, Start from basic to advanced level
•Understand and make use the new Features and Concepts in Devops
•Feel more confident in handling real life scenarios and writing complex codes
•Learn how to code in Devops. This class is set up for complete beginners!

devops cicd overview for professionals and teams Training Highlights

•Free Aptitude classes & Mock interviews
•Exercises and handouts after every session
•Highly competent and skilled IT instructors
•We enage Experienced trainers for Quality Training
•We provide Classroom and Online training in Metro Cities
•Access to a huge closet containing information about Hadoop
•Affordable fee structure to help as many students strive career in IT industry
•This Instructor-led classroom course is designed with an aim to build theoretical knowledge supplemented by ample hands-on lab exercises

Who are eligible for Devops

•C, c# c c++, Java Developer, Php Developer, dot net c#
•Deep Learning, C, C++, Algorithm, Data Structures, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Development, C++ Developer, C Programming, Programming, Gpu
•Java Developer, Quality Assurance, Core Java, Spring Mvc, Spring Boot, hibernate, jpa, Web Services, json, maven, angularjs, mysql, Sql Server, Tomcat, Uml
•QA and Testing, erp, IMS, Cloud Computing, c# c c++, core java j2ee, oracle plsql unix shell script, cobol jcl db2 vsam cics, Sharepoint C#
•Web Designing, Web Development, Software Development, Software Testing, Mobile Application Development, Cloud Computing, Business Development, Automotive


•Who will benefit from the CICD Clinic course?
•Unit 2 – Overview of CI/CD Clinic App for this course and as a reference tool
•Overview of the CICD Clinic web app used to teach this course
•How to log in to the CICD Clinic App
•CICD Clinic App – Explain key features that will benefit your learning journey
•Unit 3 (a) – Common Terms – Agile / Development / QA / Testing
• Common Terms Agile Development
•Review of Common Terms – Agile / Development / QA / Testing
•Unit 3 (b) – Common Terms – DevOps and CICD Pipeline
•Common Terms – DevOps and CICD Pipeline
•Review Common Terms – DevOps and CICD Pipeline
•Unit 4 – Life Cycle of a Feature – CI/CD is a Development Mindset
•Review how to make CI/CD a development mindset
•Unit 5 (a) – Requirements / Design – Functional Requirements
•Why are solid and unambiguous requirements vital for CICD?
•Unit 5 (b) – Requirements / Design -Design Studios
•Why is it important for the entire team to be involved in design from the start?
•Unit 5 (c) – Requirements / Design – Using Your Design Document & Requirements
•How to use your design document and functional requirements together
•Unit 6 – Automation
•Why is automation critical for CICD and DevOps programs?
•Unit 7 – Feature Toggles (Feature Flags)
•Review: Feature Toggles
•Unit 8 – Feature Planning and Management
•Review: Feature Management Plan
•Unit 9 (a) – Dev/QA Working Together / Testing Strategy
•How can Dev and QA work together in a CICD environment?
•Unit 9 (b) – Dev/QA Bug Management Process
•Review: Dev / QA Bug Management Process
•Unit 10 – DevOps – Build Pipeline Strategies